9 Ways to Fix Windows Update Errors in Windows 11

Their internal components could be loose or worn, and they may need replacing. This may also be the case if you experience audio troubles regardless of what you try to play. If only one of your speakers is having an issue, there’s an even greater chance that the problem is hardware-related.

  • Under the «Windows specifications» section, determine the version number.
  • On your on-screen keyboard, press Win + R and type in or copy-paste rstrui to launch System Restore.
  • Remember that depending on your processor, it could be that your computer is just utilizing the resources available to it in an efficient manner under heavy workloads.
  • If your hardware works as expected on a different PC, an out-of-date driver is the likely cause.
  • If the halo infinite keeps crashing Windows update installation itself is frozen, you might see a «Preparing to configure Windows», «Configuring Windows updates», or similar message for a very long time.

Your wireless adapter should be under network adapters when you click on that and bring up the manager. Right click the correct adapter and go to Properties, then the Drivers tab. You should have the option to rollback, delete, uninstall, or update the drivers from there. The Steam connection error can also result from outdated or problematic network adapter driver. So it’s important for you to update it to the latest and correct version. If you don’t have the time, patience or skills to update driver on your own, you can useDriver Easy. There is a Steam connection error that has troubled a lot of Steam users.

Lenovo Legion 5i Pro & 5 Pro Gen : Gaming

This error will not let you go ahead and play your favorite games. Luckily, since this is a very common error, we will show you how you can solve it in this article. First you need to do the same crap you need to do every time there’s an internet-adjacent error message. Get offa the search engine and just turn all your stuff off.


Many of the people complain that all of a sudden their laptops start making some type of crackling or tapping noises. Turn off your speakers and unplug them from power to give them some time to recover. Be sure to unplug all wires and devices, as well. Sometimes, the easiest solution is right in front of your eyes. Your Bluetooth speakers may not be syncing properly with a new device. No matter where you stand, the crackling sound is actually something you can fix. Luckily, this process is pretty easy and doesn’t take too much time.

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