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  • Screenshots are the best to illustrate any process that you are unable to give a live demonstration for.
  • You may also do this with the Windows + Alt + Print Screen shortcut while the game bar is active.
  • This forces the computer to remove all temporary configurations so whenever you start it again, everything will be initialized fresh.
  • You can also take a screenshot by swiping your hand from left to right on the screen.

Using this tool, you can either capture the entire screen or save a part of it. It also offers to save the screenshot in a variety of image formats such as JPG, PNG, etc. Follow these simple steps to use the Windows Snipping tool.

Take a Screenshot of the Active Screen Without Software

When you see a blank screen, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press P. This shows you the possible display modes, and allows you to switch. A strong antivirus program like AVG AntiVirus FREE will scan your machine from top to bottom to find any malicious code. Then, it will delete the malware and set up defenses to detect and block any future signs of trouble.

Use the Game Bar

Once again, the screenshot is copied to your clipboard for you to paste. To start the Snipping Tool in Windows 11, you can search for it or just press the Windows Key + Shift + S. Like with Snip & Sketch, your screen will dim and a toolbar of screenshot options will appear at the top of the screen. This toolbar will let you take a rectangular, freeform, full-window, or full-screen capture. In Windows 11, pressing the Windows key + PrtScn will save a picture of your entire screen to the Screenshots folder and copy the picture to your clipboard.

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